I enjoy helping each student learn about themselves and sketch a vision for their future. This approach improves their success in college admissions and in college itself.  Journeying with purpose helps students reach their goals and improve their options.


I'm Jane Chamberlain

After graduating with my MBA, I worked as a COO in private industry and as a foresight analyst providing decision support to senior executives of the federal government.

As a College Consultant and Career Coach, I use my skills in scenario planning, risk management, and project management to help students learn and earn what they want and need. In the Craft Your Future newsletter, I publish essays on emerging trends in higher education, future-friendly careers, and ways that students can improve their future options.

Learn how my background can help your student

My rich and varied background has allowed me to develop skills in planning, research, writing, and decision support, as well as traditional college counseling skills. This allows me to provide enhanced experiences for students. As they prepare for and select colleges, they develop skills for life.

How can I help?

Let me know where you are in your journey, and what you are wondering today.